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Project name: Zombie Shooter.
Project status: Pre-alpha. v00002.
Latest release: None.

You are a black dot that walks around and shoots green dots. It reminds me of an old thing called the Zombie Infection Simulation. Somebody ended up turning the basic premise into a cool game where you have to walk around and shoot the zombies before they multiply so much that you are overwhelmed. I thought it was a cool gameplay premise which isn't often used.

This code is also experimentation in real-time gameplay... Most of my games are turn-based. I might end up using this real-time code to work on some other projects in the future. When I came up with this one I was thinking more about making money from development, rather than just doing it for the fun of it. But these days this is all mostly just a hobby for me.

I'm not working on this one at the moment... It's going to need a ton of work if I want to release it.

The main feature you can see is a fog of war kind of thing. It makes things a little more suspenseful... You have to be more careful going around corners.

Development screenshots