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Project name: Zombies.
Project status: Pre-alpha. v00005.
Latest release: None.

A zombie apocalypse survival sim. It was one of my first projects which I started after getting into DF. I started writing it back in 2007 using ncurses, then later moved to OpenGL. These days there's a ton of zombie games out there, so I'm not planning on developing this one for a while. I'm also kinda stumped about what direction to take this project. It could too easily just become a "get good weapons and run around killing stuff" game. There's potential, but I would rather work on something else. However, I'm keeping the project here in case I decide to continue it in the future.


* Large randomly generated and realistic city.
* Sandbox gameplay. Help discover the cause of the virus, loot and pillage, or try to escape the city.
* Progressive breakdown of society and scarcity of resources as the virus spreads.
* Multiple possible plotlines and endings.
* Join a group of survivors or go solo.
* NPCs will fight for their own survival.
* Character generator.
* Emergence of gangs who will fight for dominance of parts of the city.

Development screenshots

Screenshot: Early picture of the game engine I use today. Screenshot: City generator. Screenshot: City generator. Screenshot: City generator. Screenshot: Zoomed in view. Screenshot: UI Stuff.