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Project name: Tactical RPG.
Project status: Pre-alpha. v00000.
Latest release: None.

Sometimes I get the urge to work on a Final Fantasy/Ogre Battle kind of game... So yeah I'll unload that urge into this project. There are actually 2 projects here... The War of the Roses one is the tactical RPG... But I also had another RPG which I actually kinda wrote a long long time ago with the RPG Toolkit called "Vance's Revenge". I don't know why the hell Vance decided to get revenge honestly, because I never explained what he was seeking revenge for, heh. Anyway, it would be a shame to waste that work, so maybe there would be a way to combine the projects into something cool.

By some miracle, I actually have a copy of the old game. I was still in school, so it must've been around 2006 when I made it. The installer doesn't seem to be working on Windows 7, so I'll have to figure out a way to install it, and make sure it works before I upload it here. It's terrible though, nothing more than a curiosity. I had an even earlier project which had possibly the most generic name ever: "Middle Ages". Yeah... It wasn't that great, and it seems to be gone forever. Ah well, it's no big loss. It wasn't much of a game. I used to spend a lot of my boring classes sitting in the back of the room writing crap for that game... I still remember some of it.