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Any projects will go here. I usually do games, but not always. I don't have any releases yet, except WorldGen I suppose.


Project ETNA
Manage a top-secret organisation tasked with defending the earth from an alien invasion.

Medieval economic simulator
Medieval economy simulator... Kinda. Maybe more like a 2D version of the Elder Scrolls games? No idea. Basically you spawn into a randomly generated world, and you can do cool stuff like run an inn, or work as a castle guard, or maybe assassinate the king.

Zombie survival sim
Fairly straightforward concept. Cities will be randomly generated. The game will take place over the course of several months.

A civ-like grand strategy game.

Zombie shooter
Plays like a flash game, but runs in C++. I made this to make a game that isn't turn-based, to see how it goes. Wander through a maze while shooting zombies. This game is pretty easy to expand on, so I might end up doing just that.

Project Ex
You are a freelance hacker. Then some shit happens. It will probably involve hacking, alternate dimensions, mindfucks, and monsters.

The Colony
You are a member of an expedition sent to a nearby planet to establish a colony.

Generic Tactical RPG (War of the Roses)/(Vance's Revenge)
You are a famed warrior and a good friend of the king. Then stuff happens.

Random game ideas and notes.

Other projects


Middleware for some of my games. It also works as a stand-alone program. It is a command line tool which uses the diamond-square algorithm to generate a map of a world with biomes and other features. It can export the maps as PNGs.


This program will take a world generated with WorldGen and play a very simple strategy game with it. This will be used to generate historical data for the world.

Egg timer v1.0000 [Windows binary] [Source]

Crappy egg timer CLI thing. Type 'eggtimer [number of minutes to wait]', and then it will repeatedly play 'alarm.wav'. The wav loader I wrote is very touchy, so if you want a custom wav, it will prefer 32 bit, 44,100Hz, stereo, with no metadata embedded. Yeah, I know. But it works for me. To test the alarm, type 'eggtimer 0'. The alarm plays until you stop it.

Wav loop player [Windows binary] [Source]

Plays 'sound.wav' in a seamless loop. Forever. Comes with brown noise (at no extra charge!). Many audio players can already be set up to do this kind of thing, but with this you can just double-click the exe and forget about it. There's currently no volume control, so you'll have to use the sound mixer or something.