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GaroSoft 8x8 PNG Font

Image: Font tileset. Image: Font tileset.

There are 2 images here... The image on the left has a white background, the image on the right has a transparent background. I put a little border on the transparent one, because it's kinda invisible with my default theme. If you click it you should be able to see it better.

I drew these fonts by hand so that I could use them for my games. I place them into the public domain. If this is not possible in your country, then I pledge to not give a damn. You'll still need to write your own code to read it into your program and display it though. Obviously I have my own code for that, but it's not ready to be released yet.

The font is still in development, so I will sometimes be updating it.

Here are some screenshots of the font in action:

Image: Screenshot of font in a game.

Image: Screenshot of font in a game.

I find it a bit difficult to read long paragraphs in this font, so I'll probably have to design a nicer one later.