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Project name: Pixelciv.
Project status: Pre-alpha. v00013.
Latest release: None.

A civ-like game. You start out with a city in a large randomly generated world and expand and conquer other civilisations. The game isn't about conquering the world, but more about getting victory points, or perhaps just deciding your own goals. In this respect it would be similar to the Paradox games.

When I started on Guild, I realised that a lot of the grand strategy stuff could simply be added into that project instead, so I've decided to stop development on this for a while. Additionally, WorldSim is my next project, which is a very simple version of this sort of thing. If PixelCiv is ever developed, it will probably be expanded from the WorldSim code.

However, there are a few interesting things about this project which would be difficult to cover in Guild. Firstly, this game would cover a longer timeframe... Basically from the beginning all the way to the modern day. Guild only covers the fantasy/medieval era. This game would have a more interesting tech tree as well, which would tie in with the unique aspects of the Umbraverse. I also had some ideas about implementing the rise and fall of civilisations. There is a big problem with games like Civ, and even the Paradox games... It is not realistic for a civilisation to become a huge 'blob' over time. This is something we overlook for the sake of gameplay, but I would really like to somehow work a realistic rise/fall mechanic into this grand strategy game. Possibly some kind of inflation/corruption/sustainability sort of mechanic. There is of course a real risk of making the game not fun... But it would be interesting to try and find ways to keep player enjoyment with such a mechanic.

Another thing I wanted to have is a kind of Cold War era. Depending on how the civilisations manage this era, the game could either progress like a normal civ-like game, or turn into a kind of post-apocalyptic strategy game, where all the civs crumble back to city-states and tribes. I think it's an interesting idea. Space colonisation would also be a nice feature. Oh, and possibly even a War of the Worlds scenario, where aliens invade the planet, and everyone must band together to fight them off. Something similar can happen in GalCiv, I think.

For each battle, a tactical wargame will play out. It would be AI vs AI, and fairly primitive... Perhaps even as simple as making both sides just charge at each other. But it would be cool I think.

Development screenshots

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