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Project name: Guild (working title).
Project status: Paused development.

So this is kind of an ambitious game. It is supposed to end up as a kind of 'fantasy world simulator' like Dwarf Fortress. Like DF, the world has 3 phases: World generation, world simulation, and then the game itself. The world generator creates the world and populates it with monsters, dungeons, caves, etc. The world simulator puts down some humans, dwarves and elves and they make cities and build armies and whatnot. Then when you are happy with how things are, you can jump into the world yourself as some random guy. You can materialise yourself out of nothing, or pick a random person to possess. From there you are basically free to do whatever you want.

Right now the project is paused so that I can build up my code libraries and gain experience with less ambitious projects.

Development screenshots:

Screenshot: A harvest cycle for the farms. Screenshot: Night. Screenshot: A lumberjack cutting trees. Screenshot: Placeholder graphics for city walls. Screenshot: Road and trees.

Development plan