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Project name: ETNA (working title).
Project status: Active development.


We have watched your work in the various conflicts of the world with great interest. Recently, we have found it necessary to commission your organisation for an assignment. As you may have determined by the method of the delivery of this letter, secrecy is of the greatest importance. If anyone outside of your organisation learns of your assignment, the consequences would be catastrophic for us, as well as for you. Should you accept the assignment, you will be paid periodically based on your performance. In addition, we are able to supply you with much of the hardware that you will require. You will be required to live in remote locations in the world, isolated from outside contact. You will be required to respond at a moment's notice, at any time, in both rural and urban locations. The assignment will demand the greatest performance of your men, and you can expect it to be highly demanding of your organisation's skills. However, based on your history, we feel that you will meet the requirements. If you are interested in our offer, send your reply to kpvz7ki2v5agwt35, we will send you the promised initial payment upon acceptance. I assure you that we have the means to 'reclaim' the money if you renege on the deal.

For thousands of years, people have made accounts of strange phenomena occuring in the sky. Most people dismissed these as natural events, as the simplest explanation is often the correct one. However, a recent series of events has forced a reinterpetation of these accounts...

Patterns of lights began to appear in the sky with increasing regularity. At first, it was a simple cluster of events, easily explained away as a hysteria. However, this position became increasingly untenable, when the lights appeared over our major cities. Unfortunately, things did not end here.

Law enforcement agencies were baffled by a spike in missing person reports, and people being admitted to hospital with peculiar injuries, combined with an inability to recall what had caused them.

The governments of the world were quick to explain away the events, but independent minds throughout the world began to piece together these events, and reached a disturbing conclusion.

You have been hired by a newly formed independent organisation, known as ETNA.

Project ETNA draws inspiration primarily from the old XCOM games, but does not seek to emulate them. The game is my personal take on the basic XCOM premise: A small organisation fighting to protect the planet from alien infiltration. The game is currently in development and won't see an alpha release anytime soon.

Development screenshots:

Screenshot: A sentry looks up and is filled with horror when he sees a dark shape hovering above him. Alas, despite our best efforts, the base has been discovered. Screenshot: Magnified object textures. Screenshot: Implementing biomes. Screenshot: The aliens have been defeated, and retreat in disarray. Screenshot: Running on Lunix.

Development plan